Short Hills Hike

Virginia WMA 7 mile hike
DSC01811  Susan and Randy starting the hike DSC01812  Crossing a fallen tree DSC01814  The first rock outcropping DSC01816  getting close to the top.
DSC01818  Just a little further UP. DSC01820  The top. DSC01821 DSC01823
DSC01825 DSC01827  Susan playing on the rocks DSC01828 DSC01829  Peaks of Otter
DSC01830  Susan standing on the dogs head. DSC01832 DSC01835 DSC01836
DSC01840 DSC01841 DSC01843 DSC01844
DSC01845 DSC01846 DSC01849 DSC01851
DSC01858  Playing on the rocks DSC01859 DSC01862 DSC01866
DSC01867 DSC01870 DSC01872 DSC01873
DSC01874 DSC01875 DSC01876 DSC01880
DSC01881  Susan enjoying the view. DSC01883  Big and Little house mountains DSC01884 DSC01885
DSC01887 DSC01888  Big House, Little House, Big Butt! DSC01890 DSC01892  Susan from rock to tree to rock.
DSC01893  Going down! DSC01895  Susan happy to be in a cave DSC01896  Traversing DSC01898  Starting back down the mountain
DSC01900 DSC01901  One of the creek crossings.  Just after we went the wrong way. DSC01902 DSC01903  Patterns in the bark.
DSC01904  I wonder who is in that hole!